History & About Us

Our Mission: 

Growing trusted relationships while working together to build your financial foundation.

Who we are:

Inspire Federal Credit Union is a progressive financial institution that has been serving the financial needs of the Bucks County community for over 80 years. We are a relationship based, not-for-profit, financial services organization providing our members with competitive products and services, and helping them reach their most challenging financial goals. 

Our membership is made of individuals and businesses that call Bucks County home. Our members find our products and services to more than meet their needs, and our attention to detail and personalized service to far exceed their expectations. 

Inspire is led by a team of industry professionals, who collectively have nearly 150 years of experience in their field of expertise. We are governed by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by our general membership of over 15,000 members. Together, our executive team and board of directors set a strategy and direction that is in the best interest of our members, and serves to meet their growing financial needs. 

As a result of our commitment to providing exemplary service to our members and being a strong community partner, we have been voted the Best Credit Union of Bucks County since 2013 by the Bucks County community. We invite you to experience Inspire FCU for yourself and join today – it’s simple, easy and we guarantee you will not regret your decision to switch your banking relationship to a Credit Union who has your best interest in mind with every decision we make.

Credit Unions


Not-for-profit cooperatives

Institutions run solely for profit

Return earnings to members through lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and free or low-cost services

Return profits to a small group of stockholders at the expense of their customers

Make loans to members only – this rewards the membership, and keeps capital in the community

Return profits to a small group of stockholders at the expense of their customers

All members are owners – each person who deposits money has a share of the ownership

Often make loans to strategically advantageous outside borrowers, including foreign countries and commercial enterprises

Membership elects the board of directors

Customers have no right of ownership

Have a volunteer board of directors that serves for no compensation

Customers have no voting privileges

Serve only those within their membership pool Have a paid board of directors that serves for financial gain.

Serve anyone in the general public

Service driven – we care about people and communities

Profit driven – primary focus is on building vast wealth

Believe honest competition benefits all consumers

Try to eliminate competition through legislative lobbying and lawsuits