Small Business Spotlight: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

We’re excited to feature Small Business Member: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing! This local business owned by Michelle Glasson has been in business and serving the members of Levittown, PA since 1984! 

How long have you been in business and what products and services to you offer?

Our plumbing company has been in business for over 35 years offering exceptional service to each and every customer that calls. We offer a variety of services (some of which include); drain cleaning, water heater installations/replacements, water treatment systems, bathroom remodels, sewer and water line replacements, faucet installations/repairs, plus many other services related to the plumbing industry.

What inspired you to start your own business or begin working in your industry of choice?

I remember when growing up, I always wanted to be a “boss” and run my own company. As the years went by and I met my (now) husband, he had his own plumbing company, and I thought to myself, “wow, how cool would that be, to one day be an owner of a plumbing company and to top it off, to be a woman owning a plumbing company in a mainly male-dominated industry.” I learned as much about the industry as I could and after a few years of working in the business, I stepped up to the challenge of becoming the President of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - and have never looked back, only forward to creating a workplace of where people enjoy working and providing outstanding service to our customers.

What is your key to running a successful business?

DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, AND HONESTY! Hiring the “right” people isn’t always easy, and I always do my due-diligence when trying to make a decision on the next person we will add to our team. I find it very important to have people on your team, who have self-respect for themselves and respect for others, who are able to pass random drug testing, who are able to pass a criminal background check and who want to provide exceptional service to each and every customer.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to start or own their own business?

Have a plan in place! Make it a matter of prayer! Have your goals written down clearly, make sure you are in a financial situation where you will be able to take the risk of not making money right away while you are building your business to be the best that you can possibly offer. You need to make sure that it is the right time in your personal life, because starting/owning your own business takes A LOT of time away from doing and enjoying things that you may be used to doing at your leisure. If you have small children, the commitment to building a business can most certainly cause you to miss out on some valuable time away from your family. Also, NEVER let anyone tell you that you will never succeed….instead use that as a driving force to push you further to reach and obtain your goals and dreams! #bethebossyouwouldwanttoworkfor

What do you like most about banking with Inspire FCU?

What is there not to like about banking with Inspire FCU!! I love the fact that from day one at our first meeting at the branch we were met with a friendly non-salesman-like atmosphere and felt comfortable with everyone at that meeting. When we left, we felt like we were part of a family and not just becoming another number in a more significant financial institution. The member experience and service have been and still is TOP-NOTCH! Just like in my business, making the customer feel comfortable, having them like you and trust you is what it is all about!

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Visit: or Dial 267.202.0647

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