2018 Teacher Spotlight: Michelle Kramer


So far our journey has featured 10 remarkable and dedicated educators for Bucks County “Teacher of The Year.”  Inspire Federal Credit Union is proud to introduce you to our sixth finalist, Michelle Barbetta Kramer. This is Michelle’s second time as a finalist in our Teacher of the Year contest!

 Michelle is in her 18th year of teaching at Bensalem High School, where she has taught high school students at all grade levels.  She currently teaches freshmen in Algebra One, along with junior and senior students in AP Calculus. Michelle is grateful to have taught at BHS from the very beginning of her career.

Having earned a degree in Mathematics from Saint Joseph’s University and a Master’s of Education degree and Principal/Administrative Leadership degree at Holy Family University, she is dedicated to the subject of Mathematics and keeping it fresh and interesting for her students.

Michelle stays very active outside the classroom too, with the excitement of choreographing “Spirit Night” teacher/staff dance routine.  As a 12-year veteran Class Advisor, Student Government Advisor, former Union Secretary and member of the contract negotiation team, she is involved in all aspects of Bensalem High. She regularly keeps active in PSEA and NEA conferences. She has been recognized and chosen for multiple committees and organizations within the Bristol Twp. School District.

When she is not at school, Bristol Borough resident Michelle actively participates in local community events. She has coordinated a Senior Citizens Winter Holiday Luncheon, a DooWop community concert, and she is a long-time volunteer of the St. Ann’s Carnival. She and her family are also active supporters of Autism Speaks, where they have raised over $50,000 over 5 years to benefit the organization.

Michelle says there are many things she enjoys about teaching. She said, “My opportunity to blend creativity with the unrelenting nature of mathematics is particularly gratifying for me.  Helping the students make connections between class material and the real world truly opens their eyes to the prevalence of math outside of the classroom.  That is what gives me the most reward for the work I do.” She went on to cite a popular quote from Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” 

Thank you, Michelle and the other Top 10 Finalists! 

Over the coming weeks, we will be spotlighting each of our ten finalists for Teacher of the Year on our blog and on our Facebook page.

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