Regulation D Notice

Transfers & Regulation D

Inspire Federal Credit Union strictly enforces compliance with Federal Reserve Regulation D concerning transfers from your savings account.

Regulation D allows you to make six (6) transfers from any Savings account per calendar month per suffix. Savings accounts include Regular Savings, Secondary Savings and Club Accounts. The six (6) transfers include telephone transfers (audio response "Rosie" or member service representative), Internet (Online Banking), automatic overdraft transfer, preauthorized transfers from a direct deposit and ACH debits (ie: mortgage payment, insurance payment, utility bill etc.).

When you have reached your limit, no more telephone, online, overdraft or ACH transfers will be allowed for that calendar month. You may want to consider having your ACH debits deducted directly from your Checking account. The Checking account is not affected by Regulation D and may have an unlimited number of transactions. Please plan your transactions accordingly.